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About SwingFest Events

SwingFest is the ultimate swingers vacation for adult couples and singles looking to get away for some sexy adult fun. Party at the opulent edge of temptation. Spread your wings and soar with seduction. Flirt with your fantasies and perhaps ignite your reality.

Our mission is to provide upscale parties at exotic destinations for adventurous couples who enjoy the lifestyle. We strive to maintain a respectful environment at all our world-class party destinations. We offer a non-pushy environment and a great place for open-minded individuals interested in adult fun. We encourage sexual openness and freedom in a relationship of trust, love, and deepening commitment to our life partners; to educate others on lifestyle choices available to them; and, to provide a protected platform for couples and individuals to meet others with the same or similar values, choices, and beliefs.


Our SwingFest “Events” are held at exotic destinations, as well as regional and local private parties at the trendiest nightclubs and upscale hotels in major cities around the US. SwingFest Events’ strategy is to provide national and regional sexy, clean, upscale parties. SwingFest Events parties are upscale sexy experience for attractive, hip, open-minded couples who like to flirt and have fun in a safe, sensual atmosphere. An atmosphere that embodies a stylish elegance and sexy sophistication reflecting the sultriest Lifestyle parties for couples looking to inspire and explore one's fantasies.
We provide educational “swinger” lifestyle seminars and breakout sessions at our national events providing couples an opportunity to learn from experts in the in the field of sexual exploration and how to maneuver within the swinging lifestyle.
SwingFest Events has a wide variety of attractive people from all over the world attending the parties, ranging in age of 21 to 50’s. With a vast array of members in different age groups and of many nationalities, chances are very high you will meet new and exciting friends.
We do allow a few sponsored single males into our events based on advanced-screening by our staff.
Rude, obnoxious or excessively inebriated guests will be asked to leave and face possible banning from future parties.

SWINGFEST EVENTS and our attendees:

SwingFest Events is in its 5th year of parties.
So if you find beautiful women and gorgeous couples intoxicating, then attend one of the SwingFest Events.
Our attendees are young, attractive, open-minded and intelligent people with a common interest into the lifestyle. They are the friendliest people in the lifestyle and welcome everyone.
Our attendees are the most diverse you're likely to find anywhere.
Historically, our guests that have attended the SwingFest Events National Convention are from 22 countries and 31 U.S. states. Our convention has generated an estimate of millions of dollars in sales to the South Florida market.
SwingFest Events guests are attractive, respectful, discrete, confident, open-minded professionals ranging in age from early 20s to the startlingly 50s.
Our attendees are swingers, naturists, polyamorists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, nudists, hedonists, fetish-seekers, anakoshas, BDSM, & role-play enthusiasts - to name a few.
Attendees to the event are tall, short, black, white, young, older, thin, not so thin, and all ready to meet new people, explore us, and have some fun.
SwingFest Events attendees are sensitive to first-time couples and the apprehension they sometimes feel. Whether it's your first lifestyle party or your 100th lifestyle party, our attendees will reach out to you, make sure you're having a good time, and will involve you as much in the festivities as you want. We've had first-time couples who prefer to just observe, and that's perfectly fine.
There's no pressure!


Our evening parties are themed and we encourage being dress to theme but it is not required.
The environment is very socially erotic. Each party is theme-based for a specific dress, but of course, you are always welcome in classy club attire of your choice. Sexy and skimpy is always appropriate, but please wear what makes YOU feel comfortable. "Dress to Impress" is a good rule of thumb. For men: Club wear, but No torn jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or gym shoes.


New to the lifestyle? Attending your first SwingFest Events party? Attending your first lifestyle party of any kind?
We're here to ease your fears! Attend our many educational Seminars.
Attending these seminars is an excellent way to meet some of the people who will be at the parties and gives you some time to acclimate and acquaint yourself with other "first-timers".

Single Males:

Our guests are protected from unwanted advances and hassles from the prowling of predatory single men. The single men of SwingFest Events are expected to be respectful and polite, eternally observing that respect for female guests is the predominant rule.

Age Restrictions:

No one under the age of 21 is allowed in the event halls or event exhibit space at any time. This policy is strictly enforced! While we realize it is not always easy to carry I.D. with you, attendees and guests are encouraged to have proof of age with them throughout the event.

Photography and Videotaping:

Cameras are prohibited outside the convention hall except for limited and clearly marked areas. Picture taking and video recordings must be for personal/home use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. At any time, if this privilege is being abused, Event management can ban all cameras from the Event space.


Anyone who is maliciously disruptive of the event or acting in a manor that is disruptive to other guests will be removed from the event without refund.

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Question 1: Couples at SwingFest
We are asked almost daily, from people who want to attend SwingFest,"What kinds of people attend SwingFest...we are concerned because..." The questions tend to gravitate towards the ages, body types and sexual activities of attendees. Prospective attendees want some assurance that when they attend, they will be attending without perceived bias of other attendees related to their age, height, weight or sexual activity.

We support the lifestyle and those within it without bias or restriction, and can only hope that the message is conveyed that we are an equal opportunity lifestyle event. We understand that from wherever you come or have been, there are going to be groups within the lifestyle that cater to certain ethic backgrounds, body types and even financial levels, it is a fragment of the world we live in and also play in. We support every group or person that attends SwingFest, and will continue to be open to like-minded individuals and groups within the lifestyle that promotes a safe and secure environment.

Our success is evident and promising when we accomplish putting a variety of groups together to attend one event, to not only support vendors and other businesses within the lifestyle, but in one weekend, a multitude of people get together for a big adult only party and B2B event for the like-minded. Contrary to the perceived connotation of the swinger, we all understand that new friendships and contacts are made without having to have sex together. Meeting new people with similar thoughts and sexual openness during SwingFest is an incredible undertaking where people from all over the world come together and party as a common group with common desires.

Question 2: Single males and females how do they fit in at SwingFest?
We have seen a large number of couples that play with single males and that is why we allow them at the event. Our policy is stringent for a single male to attend. We try to maintain a 1 male per 50 couple ratio. I try to speak to each single male or female attendee, and confirm they are on a credible lifestyle website, have had experiences with other couples, and that are validated by couple(s) on websites. We are more apt to verify their credibility as a single male with the use of site verifications. Unfortunately, some sites don't have this sort of system built in, so we have gone as far as to have a couple be their reference. This process, or verification system does not need to be as strict for the attending single female, it has not been in our experience to have been prodded by their pretty horns.

Once they are at the event, I speak with each one personally when they are at registration and at that point give them their first warning," if you do anything that is less than classy, you will receive a second warning, if we speak again, you will be removed with no refunds." In the two years, dealing with over 250 single males, we have had to remove one from the event. Not a bad percentage.

We have seen over the years, you can pick out the single males who are new. They stand around like a dear in headlights. What has been great to watch, is how helpful couples and even other single males are and take these newbie’s under their wings and help them become successful in satisfying not only their own but other couples desires.

Question 3: First experience expectations.
The scariest part about getting started is taking the first step. It is much easier to be hidden, in a way, behind a computer screen via emails, or sitting in the chat room talking sexy. We have all been there, and at some point, the emails and chat lead into the meeting, because after all, that is the path of the lifestyle-getting to meet face to face. Taking that plunge into the actually meeting a couple or couples for the first time is on such a different level.

It is as agonizing meeting new people to play with, as it was to have lost your virginity. We had found a couple on several sites that sparked our interest and so we initiated that intro email and waited for the response. The return was passive aggressive. Although we were attractive, we were too far away. Persistence pays off on some level, and we received an invitation to their home for a birthday party. They had another couple joining us, which was great because the more the merrier, but…it was another couple, and now we were going to be meeting TWO new couples.

There were days leading up to this meeting and we talked about the do’s, don’ts, what if’s, secret words, looks, etc. We were trying to cover our bases on how to read each other without saying a word in a whole different environment. We drove for several hours to get to our sexual destination, and then we sat in the driveway with a lot of angst, and slowly walked to the door like two teenagers going on a date.

Both couples were extraordinary and the night was fantastic to say the least, we didn’t have to utilize any secret looks or whispers, except the ones that reinforced we were both doing just fine.

That is not always the scenario and some couples get into situations that are uncomfortable or shocking for either or both. I think it is always best to not underestimate any scenario and be ready to juke. Sometimes you may have a drink and cigarette, maybe even cuddle after great sex, other times you may be given a wipe, a bottle of water and an adios out the door. There are people that seem “normal,” in email, or that their profile is a good and clear indication of what they are, or not into, but do not ever be afraid to ask questions. It is often easier to offend from the keyboard and retreat than the headboard.

Go into your first meeting, whether you play or not, knowing what you want and what you and your partner want and expect. You can always hit the bathroom and send a text, kick under the table or do your secret signal to stay or go. Sometimes it is better to not have any expectations and just see how everything happens. Our first experience gave us so much to build off of and opened new doors of communication and signals, and away we went.

I think everyone has a story of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Question 4: What are the PLAYROOMS like at SwingFest?
Playrooms at Swingfest are a must! The list below consist of some of the themed rooms you may expect at Swingfest Events. From the Towel Only room to the Booty Call room, we are here to give you the opprotunity to fulfil your fantasies!

This room’s primary function is a place that will require attendees to either wear a towel or be nude. The policy and function of this room will be enforced. This room was designed and offered, based on the many requests to be a resemblance of particular club’s play areas.

Ladies bring your favorite toys and let's see what they can do. This is a great room for exhibitionists and group masturbation. Watch each other play with toys and let the excitement bring you to a climax. Men must be accompanied by your ladies. You may watch, but not touch, because the “toys” are the only thing getting lucky with the ladies in this room. Note: Single men are not allowed in this room.

Almost every lifestyle website has some sort of call to action button for people who are feeling that urge to do whatever crazy thing comes to mind. The theory behind this room is much the same. People come to this room when they want that quick spontaneous, let say “CALL TO ACTION.”

If watching is your thing or if you really enjoy being at the center of attention, than you will love the Voyeur Room. There will be a 6x8 foot elevated stage for exhibitionists to take turns to show off to voyeurs in the room. So sit back and enjoy here.

Do you enjoy alternative lifestyles? Then come explore your fetish for Latex, Leather, and BDSM play room. Kink is a term used to refer to a broad range of sexual practices (sometimes referred to as kinky), including spanking, bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism (BDSM) and sexual fetishism. Kink sexual practices go beyond what are considered conventional sexual practices as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners. If you want to get kinky and like it wild then this is the room to visit.

Question 5: What it's like being a swinger living in a glass house?
People often wonder what it is like living in a glass house without curtains. The proverbial house is the lifestyle and the lack of curtains that let people see us in it, is the way in which we are portrayed to others as they look in. Our house is not totally visible, it does have doors and curtains in other places. It is a lighter way to "look" at it, from our point of view and from others. People, even within the industry, do not conduct themselves as openly, by choice, for various reasons. It is a little difficult to be incognito when our business is the voice, ears and eyes of and within the lifestyle.

It is different being out in the open and letting others see. We have taken the stance that we knowingly take a chance to be more open rather than hide behind a walls that many do. There is usually a larger negative consequence for hiding all or even parts of the truth, then to put it out there. It is part of a larger decision to be truthful about the business and that we are behind it, it leaves little room for criticism or skepticism. As seen a lot, the consequences of the truth, or sometimes lack of it, are all over the media with those in a larger public arena.

Once the initial shock has gone after telling people, it is then old news. For example, take famous people who have cheated, and as the skeletons are falling out of their closet, it only delays the inevitable, "the truth." There is nothing more to ruminate or speculate about, unless there are questions. We have made friends, outside of the lifestyle that know what we do, either professionally or personally, and it did not sway their perspective of us. People seem to evolve with the times, tend to grasp other lifestyles more easily because the world is not so cookie cutter as it was ten, twenty or forty years ago. There are exceptions, there usually are to circumstance or individual, and that is okay, too. There is just as much, if not a greater tendency, to have offended people that we were not honest because they felt betrayed, in the early stages of us starting out in the lifestyle.

People perceive "swingers" negatively and don't seem to look at the bigger picture that participants in this particular lifestyle are not as dirty nor criminal as you want them to be. They are more like their neighbors and even your family. When you look at us, when you know us, we probably do not fulfill your stereotypical illusion. We are just regular people, but living in a glass house, please, don't throw rocks.

Question 6: Are you really for real?
Don't you wonder about couples or singles in the lifestyle who proclaim in their profile, "We want to meet sexy couples to play with." As long, and as many sites we and our friends have been on, we have all read that tagline from time to time. We have responded, of course, because who does not want to play with other sexy couples, seems pretty cut and dry? Not always.

We have emailed the said sexy couple and after several getting-to-know-you emails, we then received the response, "...we haven't met anyone yet, we are just so busy..." Which we can understand having our own busy lives because even the best made plans can fail. Eventually, there is follow up from them and they will tell their real story, because what they really like about the lifestyle is the chatting, either through email or chat rooms, and looking at pictures on other couple's profile. We all have a little voyeur in us, and let's admit, there are some terrific pictures out there. It is understandable that this is their perspective, just wish they would have either updated their tagline, or maybe said something in email #2 or #3 that personal meetings is really not what they want.

Everybody has their own gig in the lifestyle, it is not always about the down and dirty with other couples. If these couples like cyberchat and pictures, then maybe they should not be so deliberate on their tagline, and be honest enough to not post that particular stated advertisement. People's profiles give the greatest opportunity to state preferences, including cyber over the real thing, and this will detour the real life people from the cybers.

There is room for everyone to play in the lifestyle, and seemingly most people have busy schedules and squeeze this in, too. So, instead of saying what you think people want to hear, say what you want or feel and get out there and do it. This lifestyle is really not singly just about sex with others, sometimes this lifestyle helps you in finding a part of your sexual self that you didn't even know was in there. And, what really makes being in the lifestyle indulgent is being honest with yourself, and your partner (if that's your situation), about what you want and how satisfied you are

Question 7: What is the Meet and Greet at SwingFest?

The Meet & Greet is the perfect opportunity to meet new people while still enjoying all that the event has to offer. This is a fun and friendly social gathering where you will find all kinds of people ranging from those new to the lifestyle to those who are experienced, both single or partnered. This early evening gathering is designed to make it easier to find old friends and make some new connections. Come join the fun and let’s Meet & Greet! This is a 'hosted' gathering, open to singles and couples of all ages & orientations.

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